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A New Companion Conference to NICC

Come early to NICC and check out InsurTech North! InsurTech North brings together digital leaders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists in the P&C and Life & Health space. You can look forward to expert panel discussions on insurance innovation, and two-day marketplace with speed-date style networking. Witness a unique startup competition where industry insiders put forth their best to take on the InsurTech North Wolf Pack!

InsurTech North runs Oct 9-10 and NICC runs Oct 10-12 both at the Hilton Lac-Leamy.

Save $200 by registering for both events. You can register for both events as part of your NICC registration.

For agenda information, please visit insurtechnorth.com

2018 NICC Agenda

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NICC 2018 is accredited by RIBO - 9 hours Management

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

2018 DAS and HSB BI&I NICC Golf Tournament 10:00am
The Marshes Golf Club

Conference Wi-Fi

Conference Registration Opens 3:00pm

Cocktail Reception 5:45-7:00pm


Welcome Address:
Sean Murphy
Lloyd's Canada Inc.
Thursday, October 11, 2018
Breakfast 7:30 - 8:45am

Welcome, Acknowledgements and Intro Address 9:00-9:15am

Joel Baker
President & CEO,
    Alister Campbell
2018 NICC
Conference Emcee
Fireside Chat 9:15-10:00am

Alister Campbell will engage OSFI Superintendent Jeremy Rudin in conversation covering issues that are top of mind to insurers and reinsurers operating in Canada. Topics will include the environment for insurers, OSFI initiatives, global regulatory developments and other areas of concern. Mr. Rudin will respond to questions at the end of the fireside chat.

Jeremy Rudin
Superintendant of Financial Institutions,
Networking Break 10:00-10:30am

"The Journey"
The insurance industry is undergoing seismic change, driven by technology, demography and economics. NICC 2018 will be addressing these changes through a three-segment series of sessions called "The Journey".


The Journey - Part I
Distribution - The Times They Are A-Changin' - Blurred Lines

Moderator: Panelists:    
Paul Jackson
Chief Marketing & Distribution Officer,
Gore Mutual
Thomas Accardo
Brokerlift Inc.
Dario Battista
President & CEO,
isure insurance inc
Matthew Turack
CAA Insurance and Orion Insurance

This first session in 'The Journey' series deals with the value propositions presented by emerging distribution models. How disruptive are their models? Where is value being added? And how are they seeking to reconcile the aspiration for direct-to-customer sales with the complexity of our insurance products? Finally, what will Canadian personal lines distribution look like in five years? Audience participation will be encouraged.


Advocating for a Society-Wide Response to Climate Change

Moderator: Panelists:      
Aaron Sutherland
Rebecca Denlinger
Deputy Minister, Emergency Management BC, Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General,
Province of British Columbia
David McGown
Senior Vice President,
Strategic Initiatives,
Monica Ningen
President & CEO,
Canada and English Caribbean,
Swiss Re
Jean-Philippe Tizi
Chief, Canadian Operations,
Canadian Red Cross

The P&C insurance industry has long been an advocate of mitigation and adaptation strategies to reduce the impact of climate change. The industry is working with the federal, provincial and municipal governments, and other organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross. Insurance itself is not sufficient; governments and non-profits have a role in a ‘whole of society’ approach to reduce risks for Canadians. And raising awareness of Canadians to the escalating risk we all face must be key; leveraging that awareness to drive personal and community action is vital.

Lunch and Presentation 11:45am-1:30pm

The Future of Insurance

Hear about the disruptive forces and tech-driven consumer behaviour that’s shaping the future of insurance. This keynote will give an overview of the regulatory changes needed to deliver more value to consumers and to ensure today’s insurers succeed tomorrow. Prepare yourself and your company for this bold new world.

Don Forgeron
President & CEO,
Global Leaders' Panel 1:45-3:00pm
Moderator: Panelists:    
Michael Reynolds
Global CEO,
John Bender
Allied World Re
David Brosnan
CNA Hardy
John Doucette
President & CEO,
Everest Re

Always a favourite at the NICC, the 2018 Global Leaders' Panel promises to be particularly engaging. Global developments in the insurance arena always have a direct and immediate impact in the Canadian market, both on the primary and reinsurance side. Technology, CAT losses, M&A, global regulatory developments and emerging risks will be among the crucial topics discussed by this highly esteemed panel.

Networking Break 3:00-3:30pm



The Journey - Part II
Transformation: I Robot – Personal Lines Version

Moderator: Panelists:    
Alister Campbell
NICC 2018
Conference Emcee
Sherif Gemayel
Founder & President,
Sharp Insurance
Paul Johnstone
Senior Vice President,
Chubb Canada
Paul MacDonald
Executive Vice President,
Personal Insurance,
Economical Insurance

Personal lines underwriting in a world of big data analytics, telematics and linked databases has already shifted a long way from the traditional insurance world of bespoke underwriting by seasoned professionals. Now with Artificial Intelligence and automated attendants becoming common components of more and more B2B and B2C interactions, what is the future for underwriters and underwriting processes in Canadian personal lines? Will there still be a role for humans?


Closing the Commercial Coverage Gaps:
What are they and what can be done about them?

Moderator: Panelists:    
Bob Fitzgerald
SCM Insurance Services
Karen Barkley
Markel Canada
Rissa Revin
DAS Legal Protection Inc.
Gary Hirst
President & CEO,
CHES Special Risk Inc.

Commercial insurance is constantly evolving. Looking forward, the nature of risk and related exposures challenge even the most innovative in our industry. From cyber and unethical behaviour, through D&O and beyond, demands on our industry have never been greater and the financial risks higher. Today we want to explore this ever-changing landscape. We will identify gaps and more importantly, discuss what can, and is, being done in the marketplace. We will do this from three perspectives across the insurance value chain: the challenge from the brokers' point of view in dealing with underwriters who, in term, must get reinsurers on side. This session will appeal to those in the commercial space as well as executives wanting to understand what leaders in the industry are doing to solve for these gaps.

Specialty Session:
The Merits of a (Re)Insurance Blockchain Consortium for the Canadian Market
Moderator: Panelists:    
Chris Van Kooten
Managing Director,
Guy Carpenter
James Colaço
Partner, Monitor Deloitte,
Insurance Practice
Susan Joseph
North American Representative,
Elizabeth Sprinkel
Board of Directors Member,
RiskBlock Alliance

Blockchain has become ubiquitous; articles proliferate on social media, presentations abound at technology conferences, and the major news networks dramatize the daily volatility of cryptocurrencies. Is it hype or the beginning of a new world order? Insurance solutions are popping up south of the border and in Europe, consortiums have been formed within the global financial sector, and some prominent Canadians have been at the forefront of blockchain innovation. For better or worse, Canadian insurers have been slow to follow. Is it time for Canadian (re)insurers to work together en masse to explore benefits for the industry?

End of Thursday Sessions

Cocktail Reception 6:30-7:30pm

Gala Dinner and Entertainment 7:30pm
Wine sponsored by PwC
Entertainment sponsored by Deloitte
Casino Prizes sponsored by Element AI

Friday, October 12, 2018
Breakfast 7:00-8:45am
Emerging Issues and Regulatory Hot Topics - An Interactive Discussion 9:00-10:15am
Stuart Carruthers
Koker Christensen
Jill McCutcheon

We kick off the second day of the 2018 NICC with a fast-paced hot topics discussion of regulatory issues and legal developments facing the industry and consumers. The session will be interactive and address a wide array of topics ranging from InsurTech, cyber risk, issues on the CCIR and OSFI radar, as well as those of market conduct regulators, governance, ORSA, capital management, and as much we can squeeze in. Your input will be encouraged.

Networking Break 10:15-10:45am


The Journey - Part III
Protection: Traditional Reins vs. Capital Markets

Steve Evans
Owner & Editor-in-Chief,
Artemis.bm & ReinsuranceNe.ws
Matt Wolfe
Senior Vice President,
Aon Canada Inc.

Join Aon's Matt Wolfe in deep conversation with Artemis founder, Steve Evans. This final chapter of 'The Journey' series will tackle the rapidly-evolving global reinsurance and alternative capital arenas as the industry prepares to enter the final renewal season of the decade. The conversation promises to be lively, and the audience will be encouraged to participate.


Recruiting and Nurturing Emerging Talent

Moderator: Panelists:    
Dónal Corcoran
Executive Vice President,
AIG Canada
Frédéricke Lecomte
Client Service Manager,
BFL Canada
Natalie Ho
Head of Global Marketing and Brand eXperience,
Gordon Frost
Partner, Country Leader, Canada Career Business,
As we look to a disrupted future in our industry, nothing is more important than attracting, retaining and developing the next generation of insurance professionals. At the same time, a new crop of emerging talent are breaking into top management and leadership roles across each of our organizations. How are they equipped to navigate the future of insurance? What are the key strategies companies can employ to balance the crucial ‘talent gap’ objective… knowing that those who do it best will have secured a sustainable competitive advantage?

Closing Lunch 12:00-1:30pm

Mental Health in the Workplace

Rupert Duchesne recently retired from Aimia Inc (TSX:AIM) where he was the founding Chief Executive and a Director, and grew the company to be the global leader in loyalty marketing and data-analytics. As co-chair for MindsMatter, CivicAction's Mental Health in the Workplace initiative, Rupert is using his business and leadership acumen to help champion the importance of companies caring about their employees’ well-being as a whole. Too often mental ‘ill’ health is looked upon as a ‘problem child’ in the workplace, and with 500,000+ employed Canadians unable to work due to mental health problems weekly, Rupert brings both compassion and a deep understanding of the strong business case for supporting mental health in the workplace.

Rupert Duchesne
Board Member, Brain Canada Foundation; and Former Group Chief Executive, Aimia Inc.
Conference Wrap-Up 1:30pm
Joel Baker, President & CEO, NICC
NICC 2018 is accredited by RIBO