2013 Business Program

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management NICC Golf Tournament at Le Sorcier Club de Golf
(Tournament begins at 11:00am) Golf registration required.

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Cocktail Reception, Sponsored by Lloyd's 6:00-7:30pm

Monday, September 23, 2013
7:30 - 9:00am Breakfast sponsored by Aon Benfield

Welcome, Acknowledgements, and Intro Address (9:00-9:20am)

Joel Baker,
NICC President and CEO

Amanda Lang,
M.C. of 2013 NICC


The View from OSFI (9:20 - 10:00am)

 Julie Dickson,
Superintendent of
Financial Institutions,

Superintendent Julie Dickson will give an overview of the current economic environment, and what OSFI is seeing in the most recent property and casualty results. Ms. Dickson will also provide insight into various regulatory initiatives that are underway, and discuss what she feels will be important issues in the coming quarters. She will respond to questions at the end of her presentation.

10:00 - 10:30am Networking Break sponsored by Accenture Software

Morning Session (10:30 - 12:00pm)

Preparing for "The Big One": Perspectives on Earthquake in Canada


Mary Lou O'Reilly,
SVP, Issues Management
& Communication,
   Petra Nemcova,
Tsunami Victim,
Founder of Happy
Hearts Fund

 Gregor Robinson,
SVP Policy & Chief

 Peter Gordon,
Professor of Public
Policy Economics,
Sol Price School
of Public Policy,
University of
Southern California

 Ross Stein,
Survey (USGS)
Chair, Scientific
Board of the Global
Model (GEM)

A survivor’s story, the results of a new IBC-commissioned study on the impact of an earthquake in Canada, insight on the metrics of business interruption losses, and perspectives from a leading expert on the physics of earthquakes will help inform what promises to be a fascinating discussion.

End of Morning Session

12:00-2:00pm Lunch and Presentation sponsored by the IBC

Forecasting and the Free Market

 Luncheon Speaker:
Don Forgeron,
President & CEO,
As recent events have dramatically demonstrated,  resilience to severe weather is vital for
the protection of people and property as well as the economy. 
Don Forgeron will address this 'new normal' in terms of current and future vulnerabilities.

Global Reinsurance Panel
(2:00 - 3:00pm)


Bill Eyre,
Managing Director,
Towers Watson
  Ulrich Wallin,
Hannover Re


ACE Tempest,
Re Group

Dominic J.


Toby Stubbs,
Senior Underwriter, Pembroke

The NICC's global reinsurance panel is always an eye-opener. This year's panel will be moderated by Bill Eyre of Towers Watson who is well-known to many in the audience. Bill and his panel of leaders from the world's key markets will share their insights into what cedants and reinsurers can expect at renewal time and looking forward into 2014.

3:00 - 3:30pm Networking Break sponsored by CI Top Broker

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Policy and Reinsurance Wordings - Pitfalls and Opportunities (3:30 - 4:30pm)

  Mark Lichty,
Blaney McMurtry

John F. Cairns,
SVP, General Counsel
& Corporate Secretary,
Chubb Insurance
Company of

Stuart S. Carruthers,
Stikeman Elliott

Cars are the product of the automotive industry. Medicines are the products of the pharmaceutical industry. Each industry devotes significant time and resources developing and testing their products. The insurance policy and the reinsurance agreement are the product of the Insurance Industry. Do we take the same care? Three experienced, senior counsel bring their unique perspectives to an assessment of the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry products.  

The panelists will not simply discuss the “final product”  but the strengths and weaknesses in the policy/reinsurance agreement development process itself. Is there sufficient due diligence in creating, adjusting and marketing the product? Are “plain wording” contracts reducing disputes with brokers and policyholders? Have Treaty and Facultative agreements been suitably adjusted to reflect modern commercial reality?  The panelists will ultimately consider whether the Insurance Industry brings to its “product” development the same due diligence and resources expected of their policyholders when they design, develop and market their own products.

Prairie Storms: Thunderstorms, Tornadoes and Blizzards.  What the Hail is Going On?

 Moderator:   Panelists:
Paul Kovacs,
CEO, Insurance
Institute for
Loss Reduction
  Patrick McCarthy,
Head - Prairie & Arctic
Storm Prediction Centre,
Meteorological Service
of Canada
 Tanya Brown,
Research Engineer,
US Insurance
Institute for
Business &
Home Safety


Actuarial R&D,
Aviva Canada

In recent years Canada’s insurers have experienced record-high storm damage claims. The majority of recent large storm loss events were in the Prairie provinces, involving damage from hail, severe wind and water. Several of the largest recent losses were summer storm events in Edmonton, Calgary and southern Alberta. This panel will explore this peril from the perspective of a meteorologist, an insurer, and loss prevention researcher.  What factors contribute to the development of severe storms in the Prairies?  What actions are insurers taking to managing this peril?  What knowledge is emerging about best practices to prevent future damage from hail and other summer storm hazards?

End of Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Cocktail Reception sponsored by Standard and Poor's (6:30 - 8:00pm)
Gala Dinner and Entertainment (8:00pm)
Dinner Co-Sponsored by Guy Carpenter and PCS-Canada;
Wine sponsored by PwC
Entertainment sponsored by AIR Worldwide
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
7:30 - 8:30am Breakfast sponsored by Towers Watson

General Session - Global Economic Outlook (8:30 - 9:15am)

 Dr. Kurt Karl,
Chief Economist,
Head of Swiss Re
Economic Research
and Consulting,
Swiss Re

This presentation will review the outlook for the global economy with a particular focus on the Canadian and US economies. It will touch on the prospects for interest rates, foreign exchange rates, commodities, and equities. As the Chief Economist of Swiss Re, Mr. Karl is exceptionally well-positioned to convey this financial backdrop in a manner that is relevant to insurers and will prepare you to face what lies ahead in 2013 and 2014.

Morning Concurrent Sessions (9:20 - 10:35am)

The Future of Auto Insurance Amid Tech Advancements


 Jamie Rodgers,
Vice President,
Consulting Services,
   Robyn Robertson,
President & CEO,
Traffic Injury Research
Foundation (TIRF)
Dr. Peter Burns,
Ergonomics &
Crash Avoidance,
Transport Canada
 Craig Weber,
 Michel Laurin,
President & COO,
Industrial Alliance
Auto & Home
Insurance Inc.

Auto insurance is a foundational pillar of the Canadian P&C industry, comprising over 50% of the industry's premium volume. This sometimes volatile mainstay is on the cusp of a technological revolution that is already changing the competitive underwriting and claims landscapes. This expert panel will discuss the implications of crash-avoidace systems, self-driving vehicles, telematics and pay-as-you drive insurance which, together, beg the question: 'Are we approaching the end of auto insurance?... or, rather, the end of auto insurance as we know it?'

Getting a Handle on Supply Chain Risks

 Kelly Marchese,
Supply Chain
& Manufacturing,
   Matthew Yeshin,
Managing Director,
Marine Practice,
Marsh Canada

 Linda Conrad,
Strategic Business
Risk Management,
Zurich Financial

Supply chains are becoming highly sophisticated and vital to the competitiveness of many companies.  On the other hand, their interlinked, global nature also makes them increasingly vulnerable to a wide range of risks.

A number of internal and external forces are converging to raise the risk ante for global supply chains. Some are macro trends, such as globalization and global connectivity which are making supply chains more complex and amplifying the impact of any problems that may arise. Others stem from the never-ending push to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Although trends such as lean manufacturing, just-in-time inventory, reduced product life-cycles, outsourcing, and supplier consolidation have yielded compelling business benefits, they have also introduced new kinds of supply chain risk and reduced the margin for error. The knock-on effects of supply-chain disruptions on insurers are significant - from business-interruption, CBI losses, product liability cases and growing legal expenses. Getting a handle on these risks is not for the faint of heart but this panel is more than up to the challenge.

End of Morning Concurrent Sessions

10:35 - 11:00am Networking Break sponsored by Carfax

Is Time for Flood Insurance in Canada Nigh? - A Debate
(11:00 - 11:55am)

Alain Thibault

On the 'No' Side

On the 'Yes' Side
     Guy Vézina,
General Insurance,
TD Insurance

 Kathy Bardswick,
President & CEO,
The Co-operators
Group Limited


Flood insurance is a contentious topic. On one hand, consumers are hampered by the inability to buy it in Canada despite an obvious need. On the other hand, the product involves significant challenges, including the current lack of proper risk assessment tools for pricing it and the potential for adverse selection. Can a sustainable flood insurance product be developed for Canada? Join the debate and find out.


Where's the Action in Class Actions? A 'No Holds Barred' Debate
(11:55 - 12:40pm)

 Amanda Lang    Won Kim,
Founding Principal,
Kim Orr, Barristers

 Robert W. Staley,
Bennett Jones

If you attended the first ever NICC back in 2007, you will remember the 'Battle Royale' between a younger Won Kim, a tenacious plaintiff class action lawyer who took on the industry in the 'salvage case' and Fasken's John Campion, who vanquished him in that same case. The clash is immortalized in a video you can find in the archives section of the NICC site.  Well, Won is back! Leaner and meaner!  And this time he is up against Rob Staley, a class action defence lawyer who has represented clients like RIM and Sino-Forest. What has changed in the world of class actions? What can insurers do to better defend their policyholders and themselves? Like we said back in '07 - sparks will fly!  And once again, this session alone is worth the price of admission!

End of Morning Sessions

12:40 - 2:00pm Closing Lunch sponsored by CIP Society

The Economic Challenges Facing Quebec and Canada

Keynote Luncheon Speaker:
The Honourable Jean Charest,
29th Premier of Quebec &
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada 

Following his speech, Mr. Charest will sit down for an engaging conversation with our own Amanda Lang. Audience Q&A will follow.

Social Guests Welcome

Conference Wrap Up (2:00pm)
Joel Baker, NICC President and CEO

NICC 2013 Accredited by RIBO
Both days (September 23-24, 2013)
5 Hours Management; 4 Hours Technical