2014 Business Program

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management NICC Golf Tournament at The Marshes Golf Club
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Cocktail Reception 6:00-7:30pm, Sponsored by Lloyd's
Welcome Address: Vincent Vandendael, Director, International Markets, Lloyd

Technology, Sponsored by CGI

Monday, September 22, 2014
  Breakfast 7:30-9:00am, Sponsored by Aon Benfield

Welcome, Acknowledgements, and Intro Address 9:00-9:20am

Joel Baker,
NICC President & CEO

Amanda Lang,
M.C. of 2014 NICC


Distribution Models of the Future 9:25 - 10:40am



George Cooke,
Chair, Board of
Directors, OMERS
Randy Carroll,
Insurance Brokers
Association of
Stéphane Morency,
Senior VP, Development
& Commercial Lines,
Desjardins General
Insurance Group
Doug Stephens,
World's Foremost
Retail Futurist
Vincent Vandendael,
International Markets,

The world of distribution is in flux, if not under assault. Look no further than the publishing industry, the travel agency industry and other retail channels that have seen their worlds overturned by technology and innovation. Is the insurance industry immune from these forces? Obviously not. But what's not obvious is what the future of insurance distribution will look like in 5, 10 and 15 years from now. Will the lines between the channels blur? How will technology, product change and evolving marketing techniques reshape the industry? That, among other things, is what this highly qualified panel is charged with answering. This session will be a real eye-opener. 

  Networking Break 10:40-11:00am

Global Economic Outlook 11:00 - 11:45am

David Rosenberg,
Chief Economist & Strategist,
Gluskin Sheff + Associates

David Rosenberg last addressed the NICC in 2010 during the nasty deleveraging cycle in the U.S. and the effects of the financial crisis on Canada and the world. Four years on, the U.S. appears in much stronger shape as does Canada. Will the U.S. engine carry the day? Will interest rates rise tamely will inflation rear its head? Are we re-entering bubble territory? What can insurers/reinsurers expect going into 2015? All shall be revealed.

End of Morning Sessions

Lunch and Presentation 12:00-1:45pm, Sponsored by the IBC

The Unending Challenges to our Leadership

 Luncheon Speaker:
Don Forgeron,
President & CEO,
In a Canada besieged by natural disasters and amidst the threat of even more, Canada’s insurance industry must pick and choose the problems it can realistically solve. What works?  What gets top billing? And why? Don Forgeron, president and CEO of Insurance Bureau of Canada, explores these questions and more in his annual luncheon appearance at NICC.

Early Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent A:
Evolving Reinsurance Models and How They Serve Primary Buyers
1:45 - 2:45pm


Peter Hearn,
Willis Re

Dr. Peter Roder,
Member of the Board of
Munich Re
Eric Smith,
President & CEO,
Swiss Re America

The global reinsurance industry is undergoing a period of intense change as a range of different factors converge to challenge the traditional reinsurer model. What does this mean for the primary buyers and how will the new emerging reinsurance models help to provide real added value to primary buyers and their original policyholders? How will reinsurers manage this period of transformation to ensure that they provide sustainable support to their clients? Join two Global Heavyweights for a lively discussion. Audience Q&A will be encouraged.


Concurrent B:
What's Up With Small Commercial?




Paul MacDonald,
VP Operations,
SGI Canada

Yousry Bissada,
President & CEO,
Kanetix Ltd.

Clinton D'Souza,
Product Manager,
Information Services,

Anna McCrindell,
VP, Commercial
Insurance Solutions,
Gore Mutual

Catherine Swift,
Federation of
Business (CFIB)

Proportionally, Canada has twice as many small commercial enterprises as the U.S. and yet the Canadian insurance industry does not have a clear and coordinated view of this business. How do we define small commercial? How profitable is it? What is the distribution model of the future for small commercial? Can you afford to ignore it? Using an audience interactive format, a diverse panel of industry experts will provide their insights into these and other questions surrounding this critically important element of the Canadian Commercial Insurance market. 

  Networking Break 2:45 - 3:15pm Sponsored by Interactive Intelligence

Late Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent C:
Claim Settlement In Cat Scenarios - Lessons Learned
3:15 - 4:30pm

Moderator: Panelists:


Pat Van Bakel,
President & CEO,
Crawford Canada
  Jeremy Bowler,
Global Senior Director,
J.D. Power
Gord Enders,
IBAA 2013-2014 and
Louis Heroux,
Deputy SVP, Claims,
Intact Financial Corporation
Ellen Roseman,
Business Columnist,
Toronto Star

Join a dynamic panel of consumer and industry experts in what promises to be a lively and engaging discussion focused on the policyholder experience in catastrophe claim situations.  Policyholder expectations contrasted with policyholder experience can have deep and lasting impacts on your brand in either a positive or negative way.  Our panel of experts will tackle current and relevant topics facing our industry related to catastrophic events through the ever changing and evolving lens of the policyholders we insure, as well as a look into the future in anticipation of how those consumer expectations may change in years to come.


Concurrent D:
Where Is Canada at With ILS?
3:15 - 4:30pm

 Moderator:   Panelists:

Robert McDowell,
Fasken Martineau
  Michael Brisebois,
TD Insurance
James Lee,
Director, Debt &
Solutions Coverage,
DB Securities Inc.
 Brent Poliquin,
Senior Manager, ILS,
AIR Worldwide
Michael Stahel,
Partner, LGT
LGT Capital

2013 was the year that Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) really took the stage in the global reinsurance arena. ILS such as cat bonds encroached on the traditional reinsurance market in a meaningful way especially in the US market. In 2013 we also saw several multinationals issue ILS that cover their Canadian, primarily EQ, risk, as part of a larger program. At time of writing, however,we haven’t yet seen a pure-play Canadian ILS. Is this about to change? Will the combination of convergence in pricing, very large primary companies and elevated cat risk tip the balance and usher ILS in to the Canadian market? Join this esteemed panel of experts to find out where we are at.

End of Late Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Cocktail Reception 6:30-8:00pm, Sponsored by Standard and Poor's
Gala Dinner and Entertainment 8:00pm
Dinner co-sponsored by Guy Carpenter and Munich Re Canada
Wine sponsored by PwC
Entertainment sponsored by AIR Worldwide
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Breakfast 7:30-8:30am, Sponsored by JLT Re

Federal & Provincial Regulatory Outlook
8:30 - 9:15am



Koker Christensen,
Fasken Martineau

Gordon P. Goodman,
Cassels Brock &
Blackwell LLP

Jill McCutcheon,
Borden Ladner
Gervais LLP


The second day of the 2014 NICC will kick off with a discussion of key regulatory issues affecting insurers, reinsurers, brokers and consumers. The session will cover federal and provincial issues and will touch on governance, risk management, capital and market conduct. The format of this session will be interactive. Audience participation will be encouraged.<.p>

Early Morning Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent A:
Taking the Pulse - Where Are We At With Auto Insurance?

 Bob Tisdale,
President & COO,
Pembridge Insurance
 Barb Addie,
Baron Insurance

 Barb Sulzenko-Laurie,
Vice President,
Policy Development,

There is one cardinal rule that has served industry veterans well: never be optimistic about the outlook for auto insurance.  By September 2014, it is expected that more than half of the mandated 15% auto rate rollback in Ontario will be behind us.  Is there a “least-worst” outcome for the industry from this adventure in policy folly?  With TPL-Claims costs again on the march across the country, is there a solution in sight this time?  With the reformed Premiums Regulation in Alberta and product enhancements largely completed in the Atlantic provinces, has stability finally arrived in those markets?  What is it about the politics of auto insurance that keeps us always, ‘hoping for the best, expecting the worst’? 

Concurrent B:
Lessons from Fukushima - Nuclear Risk in Canada 


Colleen DeMerchant,
General Manager,
Nuclear Insurance
Association of Canada
   Terry Jamieson,
VP, Technical
Support Branch,
Canadian Nuclear
Safety Commission

Dave McCauley,
Director of Uranium &
Radioactive Waste
Division, Natural
Resources Canada

Frank Saunders,
VP of Nuclear
Oversight &
Regulatory Affairs,
Bruce Power

Future energy demand is one of the most critical infrastructure components facing developing and developed nations today. Coupled with the issue of global climate change, the security of energy sources that are both sustainable and reliable makes nuclear power an attractive choice.
Recent events in Japan casts a shadow on the nuclear industry; our panel of Canadian nuclear risk experts will provide an update and understanding on Fukushima, as well as insights into the Canadian nuclear program and important new opportunities in store for insuring nuclear liability.


End of Early Morning Concurrent Sessions

  Networking Break 10:30-11:00am, Sponsored by Carfax

Late Morning Concurrent Sessions


Concurrent C:
All Over the Map - Understanding the Ins & Outs of Flood Mapping
11:00am - 12:15pm


Paul Kovacs,
Executive Director,
Insurance Institute
for Catastrophic
Loss Reduction
  Scott Edelman,
SVP, Water
Resources Director,
Global & North America

Caspar Honegger,
Expert Flood,
Vice President,
Group Underwriting,
Swiss Re


The importance of reliable, comprehensive and up to date flood maps cannot be overstated. The lack of properly delineated flood zones leaves underwriters, reinsurers, municipalities and policy makers in the dark about the degree of risk in many areas of the country. In the wake of the recent catastrophes there is renewed interest in getting a handle on what it would take to develop a flood mapping framework that can be trusted for underwriting purposes which can open the door to providing much needed flood insurance solutions to Canadian consumers and also support sensible mitigation initiatives.  


Concurrent D:
Dispute Resolution in the Insurance & Reinsurance Industry
11:00am - 12:15pm



 Mary Jane Stitt,
Independent Counsel,
Mediator & Arbitrator,
Mary Jane
Professional Corp.

 Robert Lewin,
Stroock & Stroock &
Lavan LLP
Mary Rose Hughes,
Perkins Coie LLP,
Bernard McNulty,
VP Underwriting,
Global Specialty
RSA Canada

Jordan Solway,
General Counsel,
Travelers Canada


Resolving disputes in an efficient, predictable and expeditious manner is an important need of the insurance and reinsurance industry. Whether it is in the context of a class action, a reinsurance dispute or a coverage issue involving a commercial policy, the industry is a large and important consumer of alternative dispute resolution services such as arbitration and mediation. However, knowing which mechanism to use and who to pick to resolve your dispute is as important as the choice of the counsel to represent you. This panel features veteran insurance industry executives and legal counsel with extensive experience in the mediation and arbitration of commercial insurance and reinsurance disputes. The panel will explore the current state of dispute resolution in the insurance and reinsurance industry and provide valuable insight based on their experience and from multiple perspectives on strategies to resolve your dispute in a more effective way and preserve business relationships. 


End of Late Morning Concurrent Sessions

Closing Lunch 12:15-1:45pm, Sponsored by CIP Society

Merger of the Century.
Why Canada and America Should Become One Country.

Keynote Luncheon Speaker:
Diane Francis
Award-winning columnist and bestselling author

No two nations in the world are as integrated, economically and socially, as are the United States and Canada. We share geography, values and the largest unprotected border in the world. Regardless of this close friendship, our two countries are on a slow-motion collision course—with each other and with the rest of the world. While we wrestle with internal political gridlock and fiscal challenges and clash over border problems, the economies of the larger world change and flourish.

Rather than continuing on this road to mutual decline, our two nations should chart a new course. Bestselling author Diane Francis proposes a simple and obvious solution: What if the United States and Canada merged into one country? Diane Francis' address will be a controversial and thought provoking close to the 2014 NICC and one you will not want to miss.
Social Guests Welcome

Conference Wrap Up 1:45pm
Joel Baker, NICC President & CEO

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6.5 hours Management and 2 hours Technical