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2015 Business Program

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NICC 2015 is accredited by RIBO
7 hours Management and 1 hour Technical

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2015 DAS NICC Golf Tournament at Club de Golf de I'île de Montreal
(Tournament begins at 11:00am) Golf registration required.

Conference Registration Opens 9:00am

Cocktail Reception 6:00-7:30pm
Sponsored by Lloyd's
Welcome Address: 
Tom Bolt, Director, Performance Management, Lloyd's 

Sponsored by CGI

Thursday, October 1, 2015
Breakfast 7:30 - 9:00am 
Sponsored by Aon Benfield

Welcome and Acknowledgements and Intro Address 9:00-9:20am

Joel Baker
NICC President & CEO
    Amanda Lang
2015 NICC
Conference Moderator

Global Economic Outlook 9:25-10:15am


This presentation will review the outlook for the global economy with a particular focus on the Canadian and US economies. It will touch on the prospects for interest rates, foreign exchange rates, commodities, and equities. As the Chief Economist of Swiss Re, Mr. Karl is exceptionally well-positioned to convey this financial backdrop in a manner that is relevant to insurers and will prepare you to face what lies ahead.

Dr. Kurt Karl
Chief Economist, Head of Economic Research and Consulting, 
Swiss Re

Networking Break 10:15-10:45am
Sponsored by Willis Re

Concurrent Session A

Is Property at Risk of Becoming the New Auto?

Moderator:   Panelists:    

Tim Bzowey
Head, Home & Auto, 
RBC Insurance

Karen Gavan
President & CEO,
Economical Insurance
Philip Howell
Former CEO,
Financial Services Commission of Ontario
Robyn Young
Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta

It’s no secret that climate change, aging municipal infrastructure, building practices, land use policy, lifestyle changes, societal shifts, fraud and abuse are impacting property insurance portfolios.  Affordability and availability of coverage is where these factors converge.  As consumers and their representatives feel the effects of premium increases and coverage changes insurers are increasingly being held to account.

Is blaming insurers a case of ‘shooting the messenger’ as they fulfill their obligation to reflect all known risks in the coverage and price it accordingly? Or, is there more insurers should be doing together with consumers, brokers, regulators, politicians, media and the scientific community?

Few today are calling for the prescriptive regulation found in auto insurance across the country.  Yet, the threat seems to persist just below the surface on this increasingly sensitive topic. Can we learn from our mistakes with auto insurance over the last 25 years and embrace the complexity inherent in the factors acting on property to inspire thoughtful solutions supported with ‘skin in the game’ among all key stakeholders?  Or, are we heading down a dangerous path as public representatives receive pressure from their constituents for a simple, quick and seemingly painless fix that paradoxically results in just the opposite. 

Three well known, seasoned executives with diverse perspectives will debate a subject that has profound implications for our businesses, our industry, and our communities.


Concurrent Session B

Cyber Risk - Insurance Considerations

Moderator: Panelists:  

Gary Miller
Director, Global Cyber 
Phil Baker
Creechurch International Underwriters
Alice Underwood
Executive Vice President,
Willis Re

Cyber insurance is coming into its own as capacity grows and innovation in coverages increases but it still somewhat of an immature market as global cyber attacks get ever more brazen and harmful. Join this illustrious panel as they bring some order to bear both in terms of product, client demands and modelling technology.

Lunch 12:00-1:45pm
Sponsored by IBC

Jaime Watt is the Executive Chairman of Navigator Ltd., Canada’s leading high-stakes public strategy and communications firm. He will address critical aspects of reputational risk management in his keynote luncheon address.

A highly regarded speaker, Jaime appears often as a public affairs commentator in the media. He is a regular contributor to CBC on its flagship news program, The National with Peter Mansbridge.  

Jaime Watt
Executive Chairman
Navigator Ltd.


Concurrent Session A

Auto Insurance Reality Check

Moderator: Panelists:      

David Simpson
President & CEO,
Facility Association
Barbara Bellissimo
Desjardins General
Insurance Group
Michael Brattman
Allan Cleiren
Chair, Alberta
Insurance Rate Board
Amanda Dean
VP, Atlantic Canada,

Canadian automobile insurance is forever changing. What further changes are needed to meet the ever-present, yet often elusive, goals of widely affordable, available, and profitable automobile insurance for Canadian consumers? Hear the industry, regulatory, and trade association perspectives on what changes are required, what’s necessary to make them happen, and in today’s political context, what’s realistically achievable.  And remember, context is everything!

Concurrent Session B

The Evolving Canadian MGA Model - Is There Ink in the Pen?

Moderator: Panelists:      

Bob Dempsey
Retired President & COO,
The Guarantee
Tony Fredericks
AM Fredericks
Jean F. Laurin
ENCON Group Inc.
Lynn Oldfield
President & CEO,
AIG Canada
Gerry Wolfe
Independent Board Director

Is old new again? The industry has seen the Managing General Agency model of delivery for many years with solid underwriting results being very consistent over that time. However, times are a changing as risk management and risk transfer needs bring forward new coverage challenges and capacity expansion. Over the last decade or more, these risk coverage needs have been met not only through the existing licensed underwriting companies but new managing general agencies and wholesale brokers accessing offshore capacity. Many questions arise:

  • Is this added capacity softening prices for the coverages being offered?
  • Is there presently adequate regulatory control for the managing general agency model? Should that regulatory control come from OSFI or the broker industry?
  • Have the new entrants brought much needed innovation in coverage and capacity?
  • Is the “Ink in the Pen” long standing and secure for the Canadian consumer?

Our panel brings a wide variety of experience on the underwriting, world capacity and MGA model with, no doubt, varying views on the many issues. This session guarantees to be lively, spirited and entertaining.

Networking Break 3:00-3:30pm
Sponsored by SCM

Global Leaders Panel  3:30 - 4:30pm

Moderator: Panelists:      

Eric Andersen
Aon Benfield
Tom Bolt
Director, Performance Management,
Stephen Catlin
Executive Deputy Chairman,
XL Catlin
Greg Hendrick
Bradley Kading
President & Executive Director, Association of Bermuda Insurers & Reinsurers

Canada is not an island and global developments in the insurance arena impact our market in many ways both on the primary side as well as on the reinsurance side. technology, M&A, global regulatory developments and emerging risks will be discussed by this esteemed panel.

 End of Thursday Sessions
Cocktail Reception 6:30-8:00pms
Sponsored by Standard & Poor's Ratings Services

Gala Dinner and Entertainment
Dinner co-sponsored by Guy Carpenter and Munich Re Canada
Wine sponsored by PwC
Entertainment sponsored by AIR Worldwide

Friday, October 2, 2015
Breakfast  7:30-8:25am
Sponsored by JLT Re

Flood Insurance Programs - Trials, Tribulations and Success Stories 9:15-10:30am

Moderator: Panelists:    

Don Forgeron
President & CEO,
Dr. Bernhard Gause
Member of the Board of the
Insurance Association
Brendan McCafferty
Flood Re (UK)

Mr. McCafferty will share the implementation challenges of the UK’s national flood program while Dr. Gause will speak to the central role of private insurance in the 2013’ flooding in Germany and the ongoing political debate about improving the system. Mr. Forgeron will wrap up with up-to-date information on a proposed national flood plan for Canada. This is a panel that is not to be missed.

Networking Break 10:30-11:00am
Sponsored by Opportunities NB

Concurrent Session A

Severe Weather & Climate Change - Perspectives From Environment Canada


Extreme weather has become the norm - an epidemic of ferocious, destructive, disruptive and killer weather everywhere.  The climate is warming but bad weather may be the most significant outcome from an over-heated planet.
The traditional planning approach has been to set standards, policies and designs based on the premise that the past is a guide to the future.  Almost all of our current infrastructure, such as draining systems and w
ater treatment/purification facilities, has been designed using climate information that has been calculated from historic records under the assumption that average and extreme conditions of the past will occur again over the future life span of the structure. What we are learning though is that due to climate change, current systems are not providing the level of performance and protection that they once did.  Climate change is shortening the life span of many structures.  The future is not going to look like the past.  We need to plan better for the climate we’ve got and more so the climate we’re going to get.

David Phillips
Senior Climatologist,
Environment Canada

Concurrent Session B

Specialty Lines: On the Brink

Moderator: Panelists:    

Hugh Sturgess
President & CEO,
Arch Insurance
Canada Ltd.
David Cook
Chief Underwriting Officer,
ENCON Group Inc.
Michael Densham
VP Executive & Professional Lines,
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance
Jean-Raymond Kingsley
SVP & Chief Agent,
Odyssey Re (Canada)

Specialty liability lines in Canada have been losing ground for more than a decade, especially in the highly competitive E&O and D&O lines. Amongst the many reasons for this, oversupply of capacity is held out as the main culprit. While most carriers in the market openly acknowledge that circumstances have already reached the edge of profitability competition continues unabated.  Join this expert panel comprised of new, incumbent and reinsurance perspectives to determine if there is a path to sustainable underwriting in these long tail lines, or if market dynamics will cause things to go past the brink (again). 

Closing Lunch 12:00-1:45pm
Sponsored by CIP


The New World of Global Risk:
ISIS, the new Cold War and Cyber Terrorism 

David Andelman
Editor of World Policy Journal and Columnist at USA Today

Conference Wrap-Up 1:50-2:00pm
Joel Baker, NICC President & CEO

RIBO Accreditation:
7 hours Management and 1 hour Technical