Darius Delon

President, Risk Management 101 and Past Chair, RIMS Canada Council

Darius has over 28 years of risk and insurance experience having started as an insurance adjuster, worked as a commercial underwriter, commercial broker, insurance/risk instructor and presenter at various risk based conferences. His roles include being the first risk manager for two organizations where he developed the risk structure from an immature model into a mature and sustainable risk function (ERM) – connected at various points throughout the organization. The ERM dashboard showed a deep dive into previously unknown risks (reputation, operation, strategic, hazard and academic) and success attaining board approval for various risk mitigation strategies.

In addition, successful incident management (prior Director of the Emergency Operations Centre) has led the organization down a path of quick response and recovery and positive communications with various stakeholders leading to events being considered – non-events.

In his spare time he helped the risk management community as the President of the Southern Alberta Risk and Insurance Management Society (SARIMS) and the Chair of the RIMS Canada Council.