Jeffrey J. Rieder

CPA, CPCU, President, Ward Group

Mr. Rieder is President of Ward Group, a management consulting and research firm specializing in the insurance industry. Mr. Rieder has significant experience in the insurance industry with expertise in the property-casualty and life, health and annuity segments. Throughout his 17 year career, he has been involved with over 350 projects for numerous regional, national and international insurance companies, covering a diverse range of technology, performance, and operational evaluations. Prior to joining Ward Group in 1998, Mr. Rieder spent 5 years at Great American Insurance Company working in the corporate finance departments.

The firm’s benchmarking and best practices operation works with property-casualty and life-health insurance companies throughout the United States and Canada. These projects entail a detailed analysis of all areas within the company, comparisons of operational performance to the industry and identification of best practices throughout the operation. Ward Group is widely recognized for providing some of the most detailed operational assessments and best practices studies available in the insurance industry.

Mr. Rieder is a frequent speaker at insurance industry conferences on a diverse range of subjects including claims operations, organizational structure, human resources, information technology, distribution system analysis and expense benchmarking.

Mr. Rieder holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and International Business Certification from the University of Cincinnati. He is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Professional Association for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters