Linda Conrad

Director, Strategic Business Risk Management, Zurich Financial Services

Linda Conrad is Director of Strategic Business Risk Management for Zurich. She leads a global team responsible for delivering tactical solutions to Zurich and to customers on strategic issues such as business resilience, supply chain risk, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), risk culture and Total Risk Profiling. Linda also addresses enterprise resiliency issues in print and television appearances, including CNBC, Fox Business News and the Financial Times, and is featured in a Wall Street Journal micro-site.

Linda holds a Specialist designation in ERM, and serves on the global Education Advisory Board of the Institute of Risk Management in London.  Linda is deputy member of the ERM Committee of RIMS, sits on the Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council, and was Chairwoman of the Asian Risk Management Conference.  She taught at University of Delaware Captive program and in the Masters on Supply Chain Management program at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, where she serves on the Corporate Advisory Council. Linda studied at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland and Fox Business School.