Martin Sigmen

VP Clients & Members Digital Experience & Interactions

Martin Sigmen joined DGIG in 2006. DGIG is the property and casualty insurance arm of Desjardins Group, the largest cooperative financial institution in Canada.

Mr. Sigmen’s current mandate is to operate and optimize the digital experience, interactions & communications with clients. Under his current responsibilities, he oversees day to day activities & performance of the P&C digital channel and innovation offerings like mobile app features and IoT device for all DGIG’s brands.

Mr. Sigmen started his career at DGIG as an analyst in the corporate strategy team. After many important strategic mandates across the P&C value chain, he moved to the commercial line division were he was in charge of the strategy, performance reviews, projects deliveries, systems improvement as well as the Desjardins Group Risk Sharing Programs division. More recently, he worked as the business lead on the first delivery of an important system transformation program and acted as VP of Marketing, offers & client experience.

Member of Avant-Garde CIRANO cohort and active in the art community, he holds a bachelor degree in information technologies and a master degree in management & corporate strategy both from HEC Montreal.