Peter Sousounis

Director of Meteorology and Assistant Vice President, Research and Modeling Group, AIR Worldwide

Dr. Sousounis is the Director of Meteorology and Assistant Vice President in the Research and Modeling group at AIR. He is currently responsible for overseeing all global atmospheric model development including tropical cyclones, extratropical cyclones, and severe thunderstorms. He is also responsible for building expertise in Numerical Weather Prediction for use in Catastrophe Modeling as well as providing leadership for issues relating to climate change.

Earlier in his career at AIR, Dr. Sousounis was responsible for updating the Northwest Pacific Basinwide Typhoon model and many other projects involving inland flooding and storm surge as well as the hazard component of tsunami models for various regions.

Prior to joining AIR, he was a professor of Meteorology at the University of Michigan. Dr. Sousounis has graduate degrees in Meteorology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Penn State University. Dr. Sousounis has over 100 publications on various topics of weather, climate, climate change, and catastrophe modeling.