Sam Natur

President & CEO, Bullfrog Insurance Ltd.

Sam Natur is a start-up and business transformation leader who has spent almost 20 years as a Management Consultant creating value, rescuing derailed projects and launching business transformations in the Banking, Insurance and public Sector. Risk, uncertainty and disruption are his specialty.

Sam has made a career of taking initial business concepts and turning them into profitable successful enterprises. Some of his recent accomplishments include the launch of Insurance Hunter, the rescue of PharmaTrust which transformed into MedAvail, the creation of the Unwalleted Smartphone App and most recently the launch of Bullfrog Insurance which he currently leads as the CEO & President.

Sam brings a wealth of expertise in business transformation, strategy, web based enterprises. He also has extensive experience and knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, IT Infrastructure, Operations, Client Relationship Management (CRM) and vendor management.

With an MA from Université Laval, Sam is fluent in English, French and several other languages and has served on initiatives around the world including New York, Toronto, Montreal, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Sam currently resides in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada with his wife and children and is a huge motorsports enthusiast.