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The National Insurance Conference of Canada (founded in 2007) is the Canadian P&C industry’s longest-running and established senior industry event. Designed for insurance and reinsurance company executives, brokers, regulators, risk managers and industry partners, this pre-eminent executive-level conference and leadership forum addresses many of the diverse and complex issues facing leaders in the Canadian P&C insurance industry.

We are NICC

We are a place where industry leaders meet and discuss the critical challenges we face. NICC congregates top tier speakers, panelists and keynotes covering the issues that matter most. A world-class forum designed for industry leaders to address relevant issues of the day and network and socialize with contemporaries and other distinguished industry stakeholders.

As a vital contributor to the country’s economic stability, any significant changes affecting the insurance industry including those to policies and governance, technology, distribution, M&A activity or other notable trends are of interest to a vast list of stakeholders. This is why it remains important for our industry to come together in one forum to discuss these critical issues. The NICC was designed to be this very forum: the place where senior industry executives meet to address the many diverse and complex issues facing the Canadian property and casualty insurance sector.

Since 2007, we have provided a high-level, truly national insurance conference that speaks to senior executives of insurers, brokers, reinsurers and industry associations. With the help of our Senior Advisory Committee, NICC is the preeminent industry conference offering an outstanding and relevant program year after year.

NICC Testimonials


“The number of topics that are tackled are, first of all, amazing – just in terms of the variety of the topics – but they’re also the most thought-worthy topics that you will see and you get to participate with 500 industry leaders from a thought standpoint and a knowledge standpoint so there’s no better place to spend a day and a half.”

- Monica Ningen, President & CEO, Canada & English Caribbean, Swiss Re
don Forgeron- new

“This is the P&C event of the year…in terms of bringing together senior people from across the industry, from all facets of the industry, this has become the event. And we needed it. We didn’t have that forum that brought everybody together where we could have these discussions and you [the NICC] attract[s] a certain caliber of speakers and people who sit on the panels. I think it’s become the conference. It’s the place. If you want to know what’s going on, on the top issues of the day, you’ve got to be here.”

– Don Forgeron, President and CEO, Insurance Bureau of Canada

“I think that there’s a lot of high-level thinking and discussing going on that is both reflective and forward-thinking…that’s what is going to help shape the industry. I feel that this is a great learning opportunity and that’s one of the main reasons why I come to the NICC – to go through that learning and understanding of where we could be going in the future for the Canadian insurance market.”

– Patti Kernaghan, President & CEO, Kernaghan Adjusters

Plus ça change, plus c’est pareil” – The more things change the more they stay the same.  We need this forum and this format to continue the discussion.  You need to attend, you need to exchange and you need to listen. You take pieces from each session and put them together to allow you to understand where to go forward.”

– Joseph El-Sayegh, Regional Vice-President and Practice Leader, Risk Management, Lussier Dale Parizeau
Koker Christensen

“I think there are a couple aspects of the NICC that have resulted in us coming back year after year. One is that the content is always good. It’s always on point. It’s covering the issues we would want to see covered. Second of all, there’s just really wide representation from the P&C industry here so it’s a great opportunity to be with people that we know, meet new people and just get a good sense of what’s going on in the industry.”

– Koker Christensen, Partner, Fasken

“It’s great! After 13 years I’ve seen a lot of change. I think NICC is going in the right direction – let’s keep collaborating and talking.”

– Carol Jardine, President, Canadian P&C Operations, Wawanesa Mutual

“I really like the spirit in which people show up at this event. It’s to be collegial, it’s to learn and I think we all hope to go back to our offices just a little bit better in running our businesses and our professional lives.”

– Tim Bzowey, Executive Vice President, Auto/Insurance Products, FSRA

“You do a great job. What I’ve found in my experiences with the NICC is that there are different speakers, different topics. There’s also an opportunity to get focused and choose your path rather than being part of an agenda that doesn’t give you options – so, I think that’s a great experience for a delegate. The networking opportunity is outstanding and there’s always something you can take away. There’s a little bit for everyone so it’s definitely worth their investment to attend the NICC and to return to it.”

– Flavio Battilana, Chief Operating Officer, CSN Collision Centres
Jonathan Stephenson

“I think this [the NICC] is a sensible way for this executive group to spend time understanding what the challenges are, meeting them head on and helping them devise their answers to those challenges.”

– Jonathan Stephenson, Managing Director, Guy Carpenter

“ [People keep coming back to the NICC because] it’s the quality of the sessions, it’s the quality of the ideas that are put forward and it’s an opportunity to spend a couple of days actually trying, as much as one can, to unplug from the day-to-day work, be it over a round of golf with industry colleagues, at the Lloyd’s cocktail party, or at dinner…that’s what this event is so great for.”

– Matt Wolfe, President, Reinsurance Solutions, Aon Canada