Abbe Bensimon

Vice-President, General Re Capital Consultants

Abbe Bensimon is a Vice President and Senior Consultant of General Re Capital Consultants, a well-regarded global property/casualty consulting practice known for its expertise in providing enterprise risk management advice and solutions to property/casualty insurance companies. GRCC has completed over 100 engagements for clients including both national and regional firms as well as stock and mutual organizations.

As a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society with over twenty years of insurance, reinsurance and consulting experience, Abbe has developed a broad range of technical and business skills.  Her career encompasses primary company ratemaking, reserving, reinsurance treaty pricing, treaty underwriting, treaty marketing, and now, advising insurance companies on financial, product, and strategic initiatives.  Abbe works with clients on such projects like economic capital modeling, capital allocation, and risk mapping, all with a focus of helping management make more informed and disciplined decisions.

Abbe’s specialty is to help clients develop an enterprise risk management framework that transforms current risk management activities into a more organized and sophisticated discipline that is understood and practiced by everyone throughout the company.  Additionally, using GRCC’s proprietary economic capital model, she has assisted numerous clients in the balance aggregate risk with the capital needed to support it, given their risk tolerance.  This model, and others like it, helps clients create and evaluate the risk-return tradeoff of actionable strategies for business mix, asset allocation, and reinsurance structure.
Abbe is an active member of the Casualty Actuarial Society, having served in a variety of leadership positions as well as the Executive Council.  Her current Society responsibilities include heading a committee charged with developing a comprehensive enterprise risk management syllabus for current and future casualty actuaries.

Finally, to this group, she is proud to say that she is a graduate of McGill University with a B.A. in Honours Mathematics and Abbe is thrilled to be presenting at the NICC in Montréal.