Barb Sulzenko-Laurie

Vice President, Policy Development, IBC

With many years of experience in the public sector, Barb’s extensive portfolio includes policy work in the fields of energy, pay equity and labour relations reform, as well as legislative initiatives in the areas of workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety.  Before joining IBC in 2000, Barb worked as Director of Policy and Communications at the College of Nurses of Ontario and as Regional Planning Director at the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.  She served as chief negotiator for the health sector during the Ontario government’s Social Contract initiatives in 1993.

As Vice-President, Policy & Senior Advisor, Barb applies her extensive public policy knowledge to ensure IBC’s insurance operations are thorough, creative and workable.  She continues to be inspired by the power of public policy and its ability to touch every aspect of our lives.

Barb holds degrees from McGill University and University of Toronto.