Daniel Stevens

Director, Emergency Management, City of Vancouver

Daniel Stevens is the Director of Emergency Management for the City of Vancouver and is responsible for organizational readiness, public education and outreach. He has contributed to emergency management at the City of Vancouver since 2006. Mr. Stevens has overseen and led a number of initiatives while at the City, including the development of the Earthquake Preparedness Strategy, updates to a number of emergency plans and response guidelines, emergency operations centre redesign, emergency management information system implementation, and most recently the implementation of the community-based Disaster Support Hub initiative. He has also been involved in volunteer management, special event public safety planning, and a number of regional and provincial emergency management initiatives.

Mr. Stevens has held senior positions in the Vancouver Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) during a number of events including the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, 2011 Stanley Cup riot, the 2015 Marathassa Oil Spill, and the 2015 Port Chemical Fire. In 2011 Daniel was deployed to Christchurch, New Zealand for 30 days in support of the February 22, 2011 earthquake.

Before joining the City of Vancouver, Daniel consulted for various public and private sector clients on emergency management related projects. He has also volunteered in the emergency management field in a number of capacities, including as a board member of the British Columbia Association of Emergency Management.