Dario Battista

President and CEO, Isure Insurance inc.

Dario Battista is Founder, President and CEO of isure insurance inc. Located in Vaughan, Ontario, isure is one of Canada’s leading retail digital insurance brokers and an industry leader in insurance digital marketing and social media.

Dario entered the insurance industry in 1993, after completing his MBA from The Schulich School of Business. Entirely new to the insurance industry, Dario worked as a personal insurance broker, later transitioning into a commercial broker. In 1996, Dario became principal of his own brokerage and continued building his client base with the core belief that the customer needs to be the center of everything you do. 

In 2006, Dario saw an opportunity to rethink the retail insurance model. With a unique perspective of having grown up in his family’s travel business, Dario witnessed how successful travel agents adapted their business models to changing customer demands.

Spending the better part of a year building the strategy, isure launched in June 2007. This new model was a departure from the traditional brokerage and required significant organizational restructuring. With consistent investments in technology, and a focus on attracting the right talent, along with effective use of digital marketing and an extensive social media platform, Isure has become a leading Canadian independent retail insurance brokerage. 

What differentiates Isure from other digital brokers is that all of its personal and commercial insurance is generated organically through the isure brand and its business model allows the brokerage to continually invest in brand building and customer development.