David Wilmot

SVP & Chief Agent, Toa Re America, & Chair of IBC's Study on EQ Risk

Mr. Wilmot has 35 years experience in the Canadian and International reinsurance industry. He has worked variously for British, German and American reinsurance companies, underwriting and supporting the reinsurance requirements of most property and casualty insurers operating in Canada.

Mr. Wilmot is Past Chairman of the Reinsurance Research Council (RRC), having also served on a number of insurance industry related committees such as Director of Insurance Bureau of Canada, Technical Underwriting Committee of the Reinsurance Research Council (RRC), the Ontario Committee of Insurance Bureau of Canada, and Executive of the Society of Fellows of the Insurance Institute of Canada, among other activities. Currently, he is Chairman of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, and Chairman of IBC’s 2006 Earthquake Working Group.

David is a frequent speaker and lecturer on reinsurance topics, a contributor to insurance and reinsurance industry publications, author of a series of booklets and articles on technical reinsurance issues, and co-creator of the Insurance TRAC Report.

Mr. Wilmot earned his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Waterloo, and is a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada (FIIC). His personal interests include cycling, sailing and woodworking. He is married with two children.