Garry Robertson

National Director, Investigative Services, IBC

Garry Robertson is National Director of both Auto Theft and Vehicle Services and the Injury Rings Investigative Unit.

Mr. Robertson oversees the teams of investigators across Canada that are tasked with investigating all organized insurance crime, including accident benefit insurance fraud and organized auto theft.

He has been with IBC since 2002. He was instrumental in developing a new case management/link analysis program which led to the creation of the investigative analysis unit.
Mr. Robertson is a former police officer with the Peel Regional Police Service. His areas of expertise included advanced fraud and auto theft investigations, undercover operations youth bureau/criminal investigations and advanced case management. While at Peel he was the officer in charge of the case management bureau and the Peel representative on the judicial committee.

Mr. Robertson started his investigative career as a special constable with the Ontario Provincial Police. After leaving the police force, he was a founding partner in a private investigation business, focused on insurance and corporate investigations.

Mr. Robertson holds a certified fraud examiner designation (CFE). He is a member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, past co-chair of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Private Sector Liaison Committee and a board member of the North American Export Committee.