Kathy Bardswick

President and Chief Executive Officer, The Co-operators Group Limited

Kathy began her career with The Co-operators in 1978. Prior to her appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Co-operators Group on March 1, 2002, Kathy served as Chief Operating Officer of The Sovereign General and L’Union Canadienne. From 1998-2002, she was in charge of operations for these companies and their subsidiaries under the umbrella of The Co-operators Group Limited.

A graduate of McMaster University’s M.B.A. program, Kathy also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Manitoba.

Kathy is a member of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.  She is Chairperson of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. Equally active in the co-operative sector, Kathy served as Chair of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF). She is currently a member of the ICMIF Executive. She is also a board member of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).

Kathy is a board member of Addenda Capital Inc. She has provided leadership to The Conference Board of Canada as a member of the Executive from 2004 to 2011.  She also served as Vice-Chair of the University of Guelph’s Board of Governors.