Nathan Rotman

Former Chief of Staff to Premier Notley; Advisor at Meredith Bosenkool Policy Advisors

A firm believer that you can’t solve a problem until you first define it and then get clarity on how solutions will impact real people, Nathan uses this thinking to intuitively create solutions for domestic and international clients. 

Nathan’s significant political talents were first noted when he helped lead Jack Layton to historic victory in Toronto, winning an NDP seat in the city for the first time in 20 years. Since that time, he’s regularly racked up wins for political parties, governments, and private sector clients. 

Known for his abilities to connect and communicate, Nathan notably helped lead Rachel Notley and Alberta’s NDP to power in 2015. He later served as Chief of Staff to Premier Notley, playing leading roles in negotiating and securing the 2015 CPP enhancement; negotiating the implementation of a heavy-emitter carbon tax; securing federal approval for the Trans Mountain pipeline and later negotiating the purchase of that pipeline with the federal government; mounting a campaign to support pipelines and oil sands development; negotiating city charters with Edmonton and Calgary; designing and coordinating a major initiative to diversify Alberta’s economy.