Petra Nemcova

Tsunami Victim, Founder of Happy Hearts Fund

Petra Nemcova is a founder and the chairwoman of Happy Hearts Fund (HHF) and serves as an Ambassador at Large to Haiti. HHF was established in 2005 to rebuild schools and restore hope and opportunity in the lives of children after natural disasters. Since inception, Petra has been involved on a daily basis. Her initial work in an executive capacity established the structure, vision and strategy that would position HHF for long-term success. Petra has been a key motivation and drive behind the cause due to her personal experience with the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Petra has led HHF to benefit more than 41,000 children and 340,000 community members thus far. Happy Hearts has worked in a total of 14 countries since its founding and is currently active in nine countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and Haiti. Globally, HHF has built/rebuilt 70 schools and kindergartens.

She is a supermodel with international success, gracing campaigns for Cartier, La Perla, Clarins, and Lancaster, working with Victoria Secret, and becoming the 2003 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl. She is also an author of “Love Always, Petra,” which she wrote to help children affected by the tsunami and all the proceeds were sent to support Thai children.

Petra’s numerous public speaking appearances have addressed important topics such as education at the UN Assembly ‘Education For All’ conference, disaster preparedness at TEDxObserver and the power of choice at a number of universities.

Petra serves on the advisory board of the Somaly Mam Foundation and the Glamour’s Women of the Year Fund. Petra has received several accolades from many organizations for her philanthropic work including The United Nations, Women Together, Do Something and numerous other organizations.