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Wednesday, September 28

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2016 DAS / HSB BI&I NICC Golf Tournament at Furry Creek Golf & Country Club
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Cocktail Reception 6:00-7:30pm

Welcome Address: Mark CloutierCEO, Brit Insurance Ltd.

Thursday, September 29


Breakfast Sponsored by Willis Re

7:30am - 9:00am

Welcome, Acknowledgements and Intro Address

9:00am - 9:15am

Joel Baker

MSA Research

Amanda Lang

Acclaimed Business Journalist Bestselling Author, The Beauty of Discomfort

The View from OSFI

9:15am - 10:00am

Jeremy Rudin

Superintendent, OSFI

OSFI Superintendent Jeremy Rudin will give us an overview of the current economic environment, and what OSFI is seeing in the most recent property and casualty results. Mr. Rudin will also provide his insights into various regulatory initiatives, and discuss what he feels will be important issues in the coming quarters. Mr. Rudin will respond to questions at the end of his presentation.

Networking Break Sponsored by DBRS

10:00am - 10:30am

Client-Centricity Shouldn’t Be a Foreign Language - External and Insurance Views

10:30am - 11:45am

Michael Morrissey

President and Chief Executive Officer, International Insurance Society

Louis Gagnon

CEO, Canada,
Intact Financial Corporation

Barry Pokroy

Leader, Circle & Square Practice, Farber Financial Group

Tamara Vrooman

President & CEO, Vancity Savings Credit Union

Insurance consumers are more empowered than ever. Empowered by social media and access to vast amounts of information. At the same time they are often bewildered by the complexity and nuances of our offerings and services. This disconnect often makes the parties feel like they’re not speaking the same language resulting in damaging client relationships, client retention, productivity, profitability and industry relations with policymakers and the media. Join this outstanding panel to find out how we can not only ‘talk the talk’, but importantly, “walk the walk” when it comes to true client-centricity.

Lunch and Presentation Sponsored by IBC

12:00pm - 1:45pm

Here Today, Disrupted Tomorrow?
Don Forgeron

President & CEO, Insurance Bureau of Canada

Changing technology is driving exponential change across the economy, unleashing companies such as Google, Amazon and Uber that change the way we live and disrupt the world of more traditional business models. IBC CEO and President Don Forgeron will present a perspective on evolution vs revolution, exploring the threats – and opportunities – technology creates for the insurance industry, our clients and the regulatory environment.


2:00pm - 3:00pm

Concurrent Session

2:00pm - 3:00pm

The Road We’re Heading Down
Road Safety, Telematics (UBI), Autonomous Vehicles, The Sharing Economy and The Impact of These Advances on Insurance
Stefan Schulz

Global Head of Motor Consulting, Munich Re

If you follow daily the news, one could get the impression that the future of Auto Insurance is short-lived: no more accidents, everyone is only using driverless vehicles, everybody is 100% connected while driving – or sitting – in his/her car or truck and the liability for accidents which still happen will be taken over by car manufacturers – as there is no risk anyway. Is this all true or are these visions rather one dimensional and there may be different aspects to it? If you would like to find out then this session will definitely interest you. Also in this session: what must insurers do to cope with all the challenges they are facing due to new technologies.

Concurrent Session

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Are Commercial Insurance Distribution Models Changing?
Bob Fitzgerald

Chief Executive Officer, SCM Insurance Services

Jeremy Bowler

Senior Vice President, Financial Services Market Strategies International

Brooke Hunter

President & CEO, Hunters International Insurance

Sam Natur

President & CEO, Bullfrog Insurance Ltd.

Patricia St-Jean

VP, Commercial Lines Insurance, Desjardins General Insurance Group

Traditional commercial lines distribution models have not changed substantially over the past fifty years. A commercial client approaches an independent broker to access the insurer market for the best coverage, terms and pricing. Everyone has relied on this model. But change is in the air. Some questions that this impassioned panel will address:

  • Will direct writers and robo-advisors encroach as they are doing in personal lines?
  • Will commercial insurers be attracted and feel comfortable in this new world?
  • Is it a trade-off between advice/expertise and possible savings?
  • Which segments are more likely to move away from the traditional model?
  • What can brokers do to maintain their dominance in commercial lines?
  • Will the markets remain loyal to the broker channel? Should they?
  • Are risk-managed accounts ‘safe’ from this revolution?

Networking Break Sponsored by SCM

3:00pm - 3:30pm


3:30pm - 4:30pm

Concurrent Session

3:30pm - 4:30pm

Harnessing The Power of Data Analytics in the Insurance Space
Ken Lindhardsen

Vice President, Accident Benefits and Bodily Injury, Desjardins General Insurance Group

James Colaço

Partner, Monitor Deloitte, Insurance Practice, Deloitte LLP

Ben Kosic

President & CEO, CANATICS

Richard Hoehne

Global Leader, Counter Fraud & Financial Crimes, IBM Global Business Services

Big data and advanced analytics are greatly improving insurers’ ability to detect and prevent fraud. Whether internally or externally sourced, insurers have access to rapidly growing amounts of data that can provide unique insights when combined with recent advancements in technology. Where do we go from here? How might the power of data analytics for fraud detection be expanded beyond insurers’ current use of it?
This panel will explore current industry approaches, both in Canada and around the world, as well as discuss what the future may hold, while exploring some of the business and privacy risks associated with the use of big data.

Concurrent Session

3:30pm - 4:30pm

Global Deals - Local Consequences - UN Climate Conference, Feeling the Heat
Craig Stewart

Vice President, Federal Affairs, IBC

Erick Lachapelle

Assistant Professor, Director of undergraduate in political economy, Université de Montréal

Peter Sousounis

Director of Meteorology and Assistant Vice President, Research and Modeling Group, AIR Worldwide

In the wake of last November’s far-reaching COP21 UN Conference on Climate Change there appears to be a disconnect between remarkable ambition, driven by escalating scientific concern regarding the emerging climatological reality, and a somewhat sanguine public perception of the risk. Although the vast majority of Canadians perceive evidence of global warming, there are still many who question whether humans are responsible or that they or their loved ones will come to imminent harm because of it.
The perception gap has serious implications for the P&C insurance industry as it grapples with the escalating costs of climate change. Ability to influence policymakers, accelerate mitigation efforts and introduce product changes depends on public acceptance of the risk.
Erick Lachapelle is one of the authors of ‘Feeling the Heat? The Paradox of Public Opinion and Climate Change Policy in Canada’ – the paper that inspired this session. Peter Sousounis of AIR brings an expert climate change/cat modeling perspective to the discussion which promises to be fascinating.

Specialty Session: Understanding The Blockchain Potential

4:40pm - 5:30pm

Bart Cant

Principal, Capgemini Financial Services Inc.

Bill Hartnett

President, Hartnett Advisors

In the last few years, millions of users were added to the Bitcoin ecosystem and daily transactions tripled. More revolutionary than the rise of Bitcoin, however, is the blockchain technology that makes it possible. Blockchain has the potential to do much more than just support cryptocurrencies. It is set to revolutionize the financial services and insurance sector more broadly thanks to its potential to provide unprecedented transaction security, irrefutable transactions, and smart contracts. Early blockchain adopters in the insurance industry are looking at ways of the blockchain to make improvements to traditional insurance contracts and claims management processes, or enhance their fraud prevention mechanisms.
Find out what blockchain means for you and why large financial services and insurance companies are getting involved early. Hear directly from the people focused on blockchain innovation during this session.

End of Thursday Sessions

Cocktail Reception 6:30-7:30pm
Sponsored by Aon Benfield

Gala Dinner and Entertainment 7:30pm
Dinner co-sponsored by Guy Carpenter and Munich Re Canada
Wine sponsored by PwC
Entertainment sponsored by AIR Worldwide

Friday, September 30

Breakfast Sponsored by JLT Re

7:00am - 8:30am

Preparing for Seismic Risk in Canada - A Multi-Disciplinary View

8:30am - 9:45am

Maiclaire Bolton

Senior Product Manager, Global Earthquake Products CoreLogic

Dr. Trevor Allen

Seismologist, Geological Survey of Canada, and National Building Code of Canada's Standing Committee on Earthquake Design

Dr. Tuna Onur

Seismic Risk Consultant and National Building Code of Canada's Standing Committee on Earthquake Design

Daniel Stevens

Director, Emergency Management, City of Vancouver

Earthquakes, while rare, pose the greatest natural catastrophe risk in Canada, especially in British Columbia and Quebec where the combination of exposure and hazard is greatest. This risk spans many facets from life safety to property damage to business continuity. Assessing seismic risk is a multi-disciplinary challenge. Various organizations and industries, although independent, all share a common goal of understanding the risk to be able to appropriately prepare.
From hazard assessment, to building code regulations, to disaster risk planning, and the financial impact with the insurance industry – multiple stakeholders are all in this together.
This session brings together representatives from the disciplines of seismology, engineering, and emergency management to discuss how the scientific and engineering knowledge that feeds into earthquake risk models evolved in the last decade; how the cities are becoming proactive at tackling seismic risk; and how these developments impact the insurance industry. While each stakeholder has an individual focus and distinct challenges, there is great benefit in working together in developing comprehensive and pragmatic solutions regarding seismic risk.

Global Leaders’ Panel

9:45am - 10:45am

Peter Hearn

President & CEO, Guy Carpenter & Company Ltd.

John Charman

Chairman & CEO, Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd.

Mark Cloutier

Group Chief Executive Officer, Brit Insurance Ltd.

Mike Sapnar

President & CEO, Transatlantic Re

Laura Taylor

Managing Partner & CFO, Nephila Capital Ltd.

The global reinsurance industry has rarely been under such intense change as it is today. The traditional model is being challenged to alternative capital. Cedants are ceding less, and what they are shedding is volatile. Join these global leaders in a lively discussion as they make sense of what these changes mean for the reinsurance/risk transfer sector and for the primary clients that they serve.. Audience Q&A will be encouraged.

Networking Break Sponsored by DBRS

10:45am - 11:15am


11:15am - 12:15pm

Concurrent Session
The Future of Market Conduct Regulation
Martin Beaulieu

SVP & COO Direct to Consumer Distribution, Intact Financial Corp.

Stuart King

Group Regulatory Director, Aviva (UK)

Linda Roberge

Senior Vice President, Claims, Desjardins General Insurance Group

Doug McLean

Deputy Superintendent of Insurance and Trust, Financial Institutions Commission of British Columbia (FICOM)

International regulatory organizations have released new standards for how insurance regulators should act to ensure that consumers are treated fairly. The standards focus on insurer and intermediary market conduct practices, from the design and marketing of insurance products, to how they interact with consumers during the sales process, to the manner of compensating sales staff, to after sales service, and to how consumers are treated during a claim.Hear regulator, domestic insurer and global insurer perspectives on the new approaches to regulating market conduct, insurers’ focus on treating consumers fairly and the ever sought after regulatory balance.

Concurrent Session
Are We Ready for the Cyber Threat Horizon?
Jonathan Turner

SVP, CFO, Swiss Re & Chair, Reinsurance Taskforce

Alexander Rau

Senior Manager, Mandiant

Anthony Mormino

Senior Vice President, Swiss Re

Dr. Gordon Woo

Catastrophist, RMS

As cyber insurance becomes more pervasive so does the insurance industry’s exposure to widespread and devastating cyber-attacks either via their newly minted cyber policies or via general liability or property coverages. What forms could cyber cats take and is the (re)insurance industry really ready to take them on? Join this expert panel to find out.

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Closing Lunch Sponsored by CIP

12:15pm - 1:30pm

US Elections, The Crisis in The Republican Party and Implications for Canada
Jessica Yellin

Award-winning Journalist & Former CNN Chief White House Correspondent

Conference Wrap-Up


Joel Baker

MSA Research

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